Dominique Sachse discusses what it’s like to be over 50. Now is the time to focus on feeling good.


No Fear Of 50

  1. Other People’s Opinions: You have developed your own value system over time. Our self-worth is not based on what others think. (Remember, It’s important to remain thoughtful of others.)


  1. Unexpected Pregnancies: There’s a feeling of freedom knowing you won’t get pregnant.


  1. Food and Body Image: As you get older, your relationship with food changes. Now, you strive to be healthy but don’t feel guilty over your food choices.


  1. No Sexual Shyness: Perhaps, this is related to the freedom of knowing you won’t be getting pregnant. In this part of your life, you know and feel comfortable with your body.


  1. Speaking Your Mind: As you age, you’ve developed your thought processes and care less about what other people think. You’re thoughtful of others but not afraid to give an opinion.


  1. No Longer Have The Need To Get Praise From Your Boss: Over time bosses come and go. Each superior brings their own qualities to the position. Check yourself. Know that if you give your all and your value system is intact, you’re doing okay.


  1. Children Liking You: Relationships, including those with your children, change through time. Your job is to prepare your children for life. That means you have to give them structure and make corrections. Your kids will not like you at times, and that’s okay.


  1. Owning Your Mistakes: When you’re over 50, it’s time to realize that making mistakes are a part of life. The difference is that now it’s time to address them and make amends.


  1. Don’t Fear Getting Older: Look forward to the future and what you’ll gain in knowledge and experience. Never settle, and continue to invest in yourself.


  1. No More Worry And Fear: At this age, you realize that worry and fear will never serve you well. These feelings just make you feel trapped. Do what you can, then accept and turn to prayer. Get rid of any negativity in every element in your life.
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