There’s nothing worse for a woman who keeps feeling stubble on her face. Check out Venus’ Face Perfection the next time you need a “shave.”

A Special Type Of Epilator

Never Use A Razor Again!

The Venus Face Perfection is a handheld epilator that mechanically removes multiple hairs at once. It’s designed to pluck even the tiniest and finest hairs quickly. The gadget moves both left and right so you can remove those unsightly hairs with ease.

Target: $34.99

Small But Powerful

Never Use A Razor Again!

When turned on, the machine’s head spins very fast. The user can feel the hairs getting plucked but quickly gets used to the feeling. Compared to waxing and threading, users report a less painful process.

Easy On The Skin

Never Use A Razor Again!

Venus claims you’ll have up to four weeks of smooth, hairless skin. Furthermore, the device does not leave red, irritated skin.


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