Pharmaceutical giant, CVS, is responding to the continually evolving role of women in society. That’s a good thing.

A Return To Real Values

Empowering Women: CVS To Eliminate Airbrushing

Savvy consumers are expecting the companies they buy from to reflect realistic values. Accordingly, women should not have to deal with whether their own features look like those airbrushed on cosmetic products.

CVS Has A Plan

Empowering Women: CVS To Eliminate Airbrushing

In a press release, CVS stated that they would no longer change a person’s:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Skin
  • Proportion
  • Eye color
  • Enhance or alter lines

A Negative Correlation

Empowering Women: CVS To Eliminate Airbrushing

Women are bombarded with unrealistic body images. Science has shown that adverse health effects result; some of which can be long-lasting. CVS states that they are trying to stay ahead of the game in their mission to help people on the path to better health.

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