Looking great after a night of drinking too much takes some effort. Use these tips to help get you back to your beautiful self.

7. Try Some Sprite

7 Ways To Hide A Hangover

Sprite increases the activity of ALDH. This enzyme helps alleviate the symptoms of a hangover (headache, nausea, sensitivity to light) by turning acetaldehyde into acetate. The acetaldehyde is the culprit behind all of your symptoms. (Soda water and ginger-flavored kombucha work well too!) After you’re feeling better, drink some coffee or tea. These increase the rate that the alcohol is broken down.

6. What Should I Eat?

7 Ways To Hide A Hangover

The chances are that you’ll be craving carbs but opt for foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid acidic and greasy foods.

5. What’s That Smell? It’s Probably You

7 Ways To Hide A Hangover

Unfortunately, alcohol seeps out of your pores and breath. Prepare the next morning as if you’re going out on a date. Scrub, brush and gargle well. Then, apply an extra layer of deodorant and spritz a little extra cologne or perfume. Don’t overdo the scents. Instead, bring the bottle with you and use a bit to freshen up during the day.

4. Wardrobe Matters

7 Ways To Hide A Hangover
  • Your mentality is part of the battle. Now is not the time to dress in sweats and a t-shirt. Dress in clean, non-wrinkled clothing.

3. Eye Care

7 Ways To Hide A Hangover
  • Put Visine, or some other eye redness relief medicine in your bloodshot eyes. Apply periodically throughout the day
  • Under eye care is a necessity: Whether you use wet tea bags or any of a number of eye masks on the market, (Blaq Hydrogel Eye Mask, Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Mask), you’ll need to deal with those baggy eyes


2. Skin Care

7 Ways To Hide A Hangover
  • After giving your skin a good scrubbing, apply a moisturizer that includes skin-repairing antioxidants. Make sure you apply an ample amount before you go to sleep and a lighter amount in the morning.

1.Stay Hydrated

7 Ways To Hide A Hangover
  • Pair each alcoholic drink with a glass of water
  • Drink one or two glasses of water before you go to bed and when you wake up
  • Eat a good meal before drinking
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