Have you ever looked in a mirror and asked: “What happened?” Sometimes a look is far from flawless but you can’t quite figure out what went wrong.

7. Under-Eye Concealer Is Too Bright Or Too Light

7 Reasons Why Your Makeup Went Bad

We’ve all seen it. There’s quite a difference between subtly brightening your under eyes and making it stand out.

6.Trying To Conceal Blemishes With Concealer That Doesn’t Match The Skin Tone

7 Reasons Why Your Makeup Went Bad

Trying to cover up pimples with concealer that doesn’t match your skin tone makes the pimple stand out even more.

5. Not Extending Your Foundation To Exposed Areas

7 Reasons Why Your Makeup Went Bad

Have you ever noticed someone wearing a revealing outfit and her face looks one color and the rest of the skin looks different? The problem is that she doesn’t extend her foundation onto her neck and perhaps even to her chest.

4. Forgetting The Ears

7 Reasons Why Your Makeup Went Bad

Some women apply a darker foundation and forget that ears are attached to her their head! The ears turn out lighter than the rest of the face.

3. The Head Is A Different Color Than The Rest Of The Body

7 Reasons Why Your Makeup Went Bad

Your face, neck, and chest should be the same shade. When shopping, apply a sample of the product over your jawline to see if it blends seamlessly.

2. Too Many Accent Areas

7 Reasons Why Your Makeup Went Bad

Not all women can pull off more than one accent areas. You may have to choose between smokey eyes and bright red lips.

1.The False Lashes Look False

7 Reasons Why Your Makeup Went Bad

Unless you’re trying to create a specific look, false lashes can go bad really quickly. Make sure you apply them as close to your lash line as possible; and once they dry, apply eyeliner over it.

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