Summer is coming, and there is nothing worse than a shiny face. Here are some surprising ways to get the perfect look.


5. Milk Of Magnesia to the Rescue

5 Tips to “Sweat-Proof” Your Face

If you have oily skin, apply a small bit of Milk of Magnesia after your moisturizer. It keeps oily areas dry.

4. Choose An Eyebrow Pencil That Contains Wax

5 Tips to “Sweat-Proof” Your Face

Wax-based products will stay on better during hot days.

3. Correct Foundation Application Is Important

5 Tips to “Sweat-Proof” Your Face

Apply liquid foundation in criss-cross strokes to keep it from looking streaky when you sweat. After applying the liquid foundation, dab a bit of powder foundation on top to help set it.

2.Apply Face Primer Periodically

5 Tips to “Sweat-Proof” Your Face

Check your face periodically. Rub face primer on your nose and forehead throughout the day to prevent it from getting shiny. Add a bit of primer on your lids before applying eyeshadow to keep them from looking creasy.

1.Your Lips May Need Special Care

5 Tips to “Sweat-Proof” Your Face

Consider applying a liquid stain or balm instead of using a regular lipstick.

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